Have a Blast with STEM at Home!

Kids LOVE Our Hands-On Science Kits!

Tired of screen-time arguments? Are you looking for something FUN and educational for your science-loving kids to do at home? Maybe the perfect gift?

Our OH WOW!® STEM SAK BUNDLES are just the ticket!

OH WOW!® STEM SAK Bundle of the Month

September's bundles includes all FOUR of these projects:

  • Magnet Car

    Magnet Drive

    Create your own magnet car and learn about Earth's natural pull know as gravity.

  • Box 7 (247 of 8)

    DIY Microscope

    Learn about microscopes and make your own. See how scientists use microscopes to magnify objects.

  • Box 7 (243 of 8)

    Right Through the Heart

    Interact with a model of two of the four ventricles of the heart. Learn how doctors help heart patients.

  • Box 7 (249 of 8)

    Kinetic Moon Sand

    Make your own kinetic sand and test how it changes with different states of matter or acts compared to regular sand.


What is an OH WOW!® STEM SAK Bundle?

Our OH WOW!® STEM SAK BUNDLES use common household materials to help you and your children “Science at Home” with exciting design-and-build projects.

Each month, you will receive a bundle that contains FOUR new projects, complete with all the materials and instructions your budding scientist needs for hours of hands-on EDUtainment.

All bundles are curated and inspired by The Roger & Gloria Jones Children's Center for Science & Technology. Ideal for children 6-10 yrs old.

“My son is a second grader from West Boulevard Elementary.  He was so excited to show us the STEM SAK he received today from OH WOW!®”

- Aubrey D, Happy Parent

Our Bundles are perfect for:

Kids 6-10 LOVE us!

(though kids as young as 3 can enjoy them with an adult’s help)

The BEST gift

Consider the gift that keeps on giving. Our bundles are a monthly reminder you are awesome at giving gifts!

Students LOVE us

Take a break from the lesson planning and tag us in! Students love our kits as much as the parents do!

How It Works

  • 1.

    Purchase an OH WOW!® STEM SAK Bundle subscription from our website.

    Order by the 9th for shipment on the 15th of each month; orders after the 9th will be shipped at the end of the month

  • 2.

    Wait in eager anticipation for your bundle to arrive at your door.

  • 3.

    Explore and enjoy each of the four projects included.

  • 4.

    Watch your child develop a love for science and curiosity about the world around them.

  • 5.

    Get ready for the next month’s bundle to arrive!

Ready for an Out-Of-This-World Experience?